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[VID]this is gonna be one interesting weekend.mp42016-10-30 09:39 119K 
[VID]you know you had this coming.mp42015-12-28 16:03 81K 
[VID]mmmMMMmmm.mp42015-12-28 16:03 294K 
[VID]look, we fucked with your head for a year, i realize that, it wasn't right.mp42015-12-28 16:03 154K 
[VID]aand.mp42015-12-28 16:03 49K 
[VID]i always work faster when i get my nuts off.mp42015-12-28 16:02 108K 
[VID]then, how about a chinese chaop.mp42015-12-28 16:02 202K 
[VID]well i do know, and later we will be getting to know each other better.mp42015-12-28 16:02 245K 
[VID]but first let's find out who's behind that moustache.mp42015-12-28 16:02 223K 
[VID]cool, sounds like a plan.mp42015-12-28 16:02 243K 
[VID]maybe after you're done serving, the two of us can get to know each other a little better.mp42015-12-28 16:02 143K 
[VID]you have no idea how happy i am now that the two of you are gonna be living together.mp42015-12-28 16:02 122K 
[VID]all i'm saying is that me and ray have something special.mp42015-12-28 16:02 172K 
[VID]oh please, you haven't been able to feel anything for months.mp42015-12-28 16:02 136K 
[VID]i wouldn't describe our relationship like that, it's more than just sex.mp42015-12-28 16:01 156K 
[VID]so, what's the new drama for the day.mp42015-12-28 16:01 246K 
[VID]richard, what are you doing answering the phone, and on a sunday.mp42015-12-28 16:01 214K 
[VID]i dont know, but if we dont fill these stables soon we'll have to shut down the ranch.mp42015-12-28 16:01 207K 
[VID]without further interruption, let's celebrate and suck some dick (1).mp42015-12-28 16:00 199K 
[VID]oh i love the filename (1).mp42015-12-28 16:00 129K 
[VID]2_Guys_With_Sensitive_Skin.mp42015-12-28 16:00 2.5M 
[VID]everyone else seems to handle it.mp42015-12-28 16:00 66K 
[VID]Steve Rambo meets Santa.mp42015-12-28 16:00 798K 
[VID]*unzips katana*.mp42015-12-28 15:59 202K 
[VID]pff, not in the least.mp42015-12-28 15:59 97K 
[VID]say that again and i wont have to take my appetize suppresser.mp42015-12-28 15:59 113K 
[VID]isn't that kinda risky.mp42015-12-28 15:59 68K 
[VID]yeah i've seen examples of your discretion, it's remnisaces of a meat axe!.mp42015-12-28 15:59 306K 
[VID]are you sure,.mp42015-12-28 15:59 77K 
[VID]that was a lousy thing to say.mp42015-12-28 15:59 86K 
[VID]so you don't believe me, then i can't stay, not if you have doubts.mp42015-12-28 15:59 119K 
[VID]that's if all the rumors are true.mp42015-12-28 15:59 151K 
[VID]easier said than done.mp42015-12-28 15:59 165K 
[VID]sit down, you dont wanna stall the lady.mp42015-12-28 15:58 129K 
[VID]uh my miother is here too, she's uh incapicated.mp42015-12-28 15:58 129K 
[VID]thats true thats one thing you can always .mp42015-12-28 15:58 251K 
[VID]so what are we waiting at.mp42015-12-28 15:58 120K 
[VID]yeah i did, didn't i.mp42015-12-28 15:58 119K 
[VID]you sound positively hangpacked.mp42015-12-28 15:57 142K 
[VID]it's a longshot i know, but what choice do i have.mp42015-12-28 15:57 167K 
[VID]relax, relax, i'm not a criminal, i'm just an innocent trespasser.mp42015-12-28 15:57 300K 
[VID]she suggested i give the little thief a spanking.mp42015-12-28 15:57 99K 
[VID]oh really, i thought it'd be right up your alley.mp42015-12-28 15:57 193K 
[VID]ah that feels good, real good.mp42015-12-28 15:57 221K 
[VID]well that's and excuse i can't argue with, good nite.mp42015-12-28 15:57 139K 
[VID]you never learn, you and your little fucking games.mp42015-12-28 15:56 149K 
[VID]you got two seconds to explain what you're doing on my property.mp42015-12-28 15:56 264K 
[VID]what was that all about anyways.mp42015-12-28 15:56 81K 
[VID]what the fuck, what are you doing in here.mp42015-12-28 15:56 103K 
[VID]what the f-ck are you doing here, i warned you.mp42015-12-28 15:56 133K 
[VID]well my dad taught me a few things too.mp42015-12-28 15:56 159K 
[VID]well, i think you got what it takes.mp42015-12-28 15:56 96K 
[VID]well yeah.mp42015-12-28 15:56 96K 
[VID]well i guess you werent thorough enough.mp42015-12-28 15:56 74K 
[VID]welcome to le club buddy.mp42015-12-28 15:56 154K 
[VID]''blæærgh''.mp42015-12-28 15:56 290K 
[VID]uh yeah i think so, over.mp42015-12-28 15:55 197K 
[VID]i don't believe this, i don't think it's very fucking funny at all.mp42015-12-28 15:55 168K 
[VID]this can't be true.mp42015-12-28 15:55 143K 
[VID]i'd love to continue slinging the shit with you but i need to take this call.mp42015-12-28 15:55 160K 
[VID]all true, every last word.mp42015-12-28 15:55 122K 
[VID]sure, but after you show me what's inside those pants.mp42015-12-28 15:55 169K 
[VID]shut up.mp42015-12-28 15:55 51K 
[VID]really, can you show me.mp42015-12-28 15:55 110K 
[VID]okay bye.mp42015-12-28 15:55 317K 
[VID]oh ok.mp42015-12-28 15:54 92K 
[VID]not a chance in hell.mp42015-12-28 15:54 150K 
[VID]macabre.mp42015-12-28 15:54 120K 
[VID]just what the fuck is that supposed to mean.mp42015-12-28 15:54 168K 
[VID]i would be right happy to.mp42015-12-28 15:54 248K 
[VID]i don't have a problem with it.mp42015-12-28 15:54 79K 
[VID]i tried to stop it myself but i couldn't.mp42015-12-28 15:54 81K 
[VID]oh great.mp42015-12-28 15:54 78K 
[VID]i was thinking maybe we should have you're miother over for dinner next weekend.mp42015-12-28 15:54 117K 
[VID]well then, why don't you sneak out of the house and come over here.mp42015-12-28 15:54 178K 
[VID]i know exactly what you're looking for.mp42015-12-28 15:53 327K 
[VID]i have nothing to feel guilty about, you on the other hand.mp42015-12-28 15:53 134K 
[VID]i find that hard to believe.mp42015-12-28 15:53 102K 
[VID]you having second thoughts.mp42015-12-28 15:53 74K 
[VID]GERONIMO.mp42015-12-28 15:53 3.9M 
[VID]that's a good idea i'll have to try it some time.mp42015-12-28 15:53 93K 
[VID]haha.mp42015-12-28 15:53 51K 
[VID]fuck you and good night.mp42015-12-28 15:52 143K 
[VID]what is it, more porno software.mp42015-12-28 15:52 136K 
[VID]everyone who doesn't need to be here needs to get out.mp42015-12-28 15:52 136K 
[VID]don't touch anything, i'm pulling the virus out.mp42015-12-28 15:52 293K 
[VID]did you fuck him.mp42015-12-28 15:52 82K 
[VID]i don't think so.mp42015-12-28 15:52 77K 
[VID]what the fuck.mp42015-12-28 15:52 63K 
[VID]congratulations.mp42015-12-28 15:52 113K 
[VID]come on, we gotta get you to the hospital now.mp42015-12-28 15:51 129K 
[VID]okay over.mp42015-12-28 15:51 208K 
[VID]welcome to our world.mp42015-12-28 15:51 237K 
[VID]you've been had, buddy.mp42015-12-28 15:51 195K 
[VID]brilliant, you just brought that character to life, i'm so impressed.mp42015-12-28 15:51 215K 
[VID]if this is true he's sicker than we thought.mp42015-12-28 15:51 110K 
[VID]believe me, it's my pleasure.mp42015-12-28 15:51 66K 
[VID]that sounds nice.mp42015-12-28 15:50 74K 
[VID]alright done, see you then, and hey, thanks again.mp42015-12-28 15:50 115K 
[VID]ah, the final piece of the puzzle.mp42015-12-28 15:50 114K 
[VID]hueeeeue this ain't the bathroom.mp42015-12-28 15:50 119K 
[VID]mmmmm-.mp42015-12-28 15:50 75K 
[VID]come on, aren't you curious.mp42015-12-28 15:50 78K 
[VID]don't worry, i'm gonna get these people out of here as soon as possible.mp42015-12-28 15:48 128K 
[VID]sure why not, that's why we call it the cockpit.mp42015-12-28 15:48 120K 
[VID]thanks buddy.mp42015-12-28 15:47 121K 
[VID]you know, i've forgotten how much i missed this town.mp42015-12-28 15:47 161K 
[VID]yeah i guess your right.mp42015-12-28 15:47 70K 
[VID]sorry-for-waht.mp42015-12-28 15:47 156K 
[VID]i don't understand.mp42015-12-28 15:46 110K 
[VID]oh that looks real apetazing.mp42015-12-28 15:46 101K 
[VID]fine, i'm wearing a cock ring.mp42015-12-28 15:46 173K 
[VID]wha-what's too embarassing.. try me.mp42015-12-28 15:46 126K 
[VID]i can't tell you, it's embarassing.mp42015-12-28 15:46 121K 
[VID]yeah agreed.mp42015-12-28 15:45 106K 
[VID]this has to be a mistake, it doesn't make any sense.mp42015-09-19 15:49 140K 
[VID]i think i already know more than i want to.mp42015-05-17 17:58 111K 
[VID]the only thing the pilot went to look for is some more cock.mp42015-05-17 17:50 149K 
[VID]unbelievably macabre story.mp42015-04-26 17:42 125K 
[VID]yeah.. yeah.. hrrr...mp42015-04-26 16:38 521K 
[VID]that's not my problem.mp42015-04-03 15:48 172K 
[VID]without further interruption, let's celebrate and suck some dick.mp42015-03-16 18:16 199K 

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